Access Control

A simple locked door to a business may be enough to deter an intruder. However, locking doors and unlocking doors throughout the day can be inconvenient, especially when your staff are constantly in and out or you have visitors coming and going.

Having access control is also good for your personal security, you may want to restrict who has access to your business premises whether it’s a office, factory, gym, sports hall, workshop, flats or residential home.

Coastal Alarms can install and maintain your Access Control System. We’ve installed restricted door access systems in all types of business properties and premises.

We provide a range of solutions from single audio/video systems to multiple user systems. We can provide standard keypad entry systems to GSM solutions, which give you access control without cabling.

Coastal Alarms Access Control Solutions include:

  • Door entry systems

  • Multiple occupancy door entry systems

  • Video door entry systems

  • Biometric Systems

  • GSM door entry

  • Automatic gates