The most important thing to a person committing a crime is not being caught. CCTV is a major deterrent as it means that not only does the criminal have to try and hide from the camera they also need to try and cover their face if they don't want to be captured on video making them stand out.

CCTV has become such powerful weapon in preventing crime, possibly the most effective means of deterring criminals. Where once CCTV was not always of a good quality image being grainy and poor quality in different light conditions, black and white images. CCTV has greatly improved now with cutting edge technology and image quality. 

The advantages of a CCTV are clear: It is a strong deterrent to anyone thinking of committing a crime.

No criminal wants to be spotted and identified making avoiding CCTV more of a priority.

Here at Coastal Alarms, we have fully trained engineers who can design and setup the right system for you and your needs from many of are trusted manufacturers. This means that we can individually design your system to meet your unique requirements.

We can also set up remote access to your mobile devices so that you can view your CCTV anywhere you go, whether that's on holiday, out for the night or at work and want to check your property.

Installation Of CCTV

It is important that to remember that having CCTV is great unless its not maintained which can render having a system useless if its not been serviced regularly. By making sure you have a fully working and clean system is important as you never know when you may need to view any captured evidence on it.

Maintenance & Servicing