Intruder Alarm

At Coastal Alarms we offer a range of different options when it comes to intruder alarms, these are designed to your needs and requirements. A few of the options we offer are:

*Hardwired Alarm - all devices and detectors are hard wired to the intruder alarm control panel

*Wireless Alarm - Detectors and devices are wireless meaning no messy wires and no chasing of walls

*hybrid - combination of both Wired and wireless detectors and devices can operate from one control panel

*Speech Dialler - Rings a list of set numbers to alert of an alarm activation  

*Smart Phone Enabled - Lets you access your intruder alarm remotely from a mobile device

There are many other options and devices of  which can be added to an intruder alarm. We can add such devices like, panic buttons, wireless key fobs, proximity tags, Shock sensors, pet friendly sensors, smoke alarms, flood detection and many more.    

We also offer a range of services for alarms some of these are:

*Maintenance & Servicing - To keep your intruder alarm fully working and make sure there are no faults

*Take Over - We can take over the maintenance of your alarm system (subject to survey) 

*Upgrading - We can upgrade your system controls & devices usually being able to reuse existing wiring

*Call out - 24 Hour call out service

Wireless Alarm

An example of one of our wireless intruder alarm systems that can usually be installed within a day depending on the system.

Just one of our mobile controlled systems that we can offer.

Mobile Alarm Control
Maintenance & Servicing

Already have a alarm in place? We can do a system take over and advise you on any upgrades or maintenance which might need doing, as well as servicing your alarm and making sure you have a system that is fully working as it should.