Intruder Alarm

At Coastal Alarms we offer a range of different options when it comes to intruder alarms, these are designed to your business needs and requirements. A few of the options we offer are:

*Hard wired Alarm - all devices and detectors are hard wired to the intruder alarm

*Wireless Alarm - Detectors and devices work without having to be hardwired

*hybrid - Wired and wireless detectors and devices 

*Speech Dialer - Rings a list of set numbers who you wish to be made aware of the intruder alarm being set off 

*Smart Phone Enabled - Lets you access your intruder alarm remotely from a mobile device

We also offer a range of services for alarms some of these are:

*Maintenance & Servicing - To keep your intruder alarm fully working and make sure there are no faults

*Take Over - We can take over your alarm and make sure it is working and protecting your business

*Upgrading - We can upgrade parts of your system 

*Call out - 24 Hour call out service

Light Up External Sounder
Hardwired Keypad
Proximity Tags & Key Fobs